About Us

Atriga Consult has a team of consultants specialising in various areas of expertise who offer their services to the firm as and when required. The Managing Consultant, Mr Alfred Triganza, offers over thirty (30) years of business and administrative experience covering many areas such as public service, travel and tourism, transport, financial planning, banking, imports, sales and marketing management, construction, education, EU funding, and international business development including franchising.  

The firm’s current key consultants include experts on:

  • agriculture and fisheries (including policy making, macro and micro business and operational strategies)
  • environmental issues (e.g. research, planning and reporting)
  • architecture, restoration, arts, creativity and design and cultural affairs
  • marketing (above and below the line initiatives, planning and general advise)
  • event management (e.g. seminars, exhibitions, courses, product launches, and so forth)
  • education (including courses, training, mentoring, online tertiary education, etc.)
  • local government
  • project management
  • rural development
  • tendering services (drafting, submission of tenders, appeals, etc.)
  • internationalisation (including franchising, Mediterranean projects, etc.)
  • sales management
  • EU affairs
  • EU funding
  • business restructuring
  • foreign direct investment


Furthermore, the firm can avail from services provided by other external consultants covering many other areas including:

  • photography and filming
  • standardisation procedures (ISO etc.)
  • waste management
  • food safety management
  • research and innovation
  • business analysis and business intelligence
  • economics
  • information technology
  • human resource management
  • surveys