Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands for the years 2018 – 2028

Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC).

With our Assistance

Atriga Consult drafted Malta’s new Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands for the next ten years. This follows the award to the firm of a tender issued by the Directorate of Agriculture within the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC).
The first task related with this project included the identification of the main agricultural issues that are currently inhibiting progress in this sector. This involved a thorough desk research followed by an extensive consultation process with public and private stakeholders to identify the policy issues. Through this process, it was agreed that the policy would focus towards achieving the following critical targets:
a) increasing the competitiveness of active farmers and livestock breeders by focusing on quality and embracing diversification;
b) facilitating the entry of young farmers by creating a cost-effective agri-business sector;
c) fostering sustainability of farming activities by adapting to the local geo-climatic conditions;
d) ensuring that farmland is managed by genuine farmers and ensure resistance to potential divergent land uses
Various public entities, somehow connected with the agricultural sector, were approached to develop an issues paper in line with published strategies and legislations. Existent policies were evaluated to establish the desirable features that the new agricultural policy should include, and this, whilst addressing the various recommendations received from stakeholders. Various entities, including government agencies and departments, participated in this process, including:
  • Agriculture Consultative Council, MSDEC
  • Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency, MSDEC
  • Directorate for Diversification and Competitiveness, MSDEC
  • Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change, MSDEC
  • Environmental Protection Directorate, Malta Environment and Planning Authority
  • Government Property Department
  • Institute of Applied Science, Malta College of Arts, Sciences and Technology
  • Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority
  • Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of Electoral Manifesto
  • Malta Resources Authority
  • Plant Health Directorate, MSDEC
  • Rural Development Department, MSDEC
  • State Aid Monitoring Board
  • Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit, Ministry for Energy and Health
  • Veterinary Regulations Department, MSDEC
The issues paper was further elaborated upon following a month long consultation process with various stakeholders ranging from farmers, livestock breeders, consumers, citizens, lobby groups, experts and researchers.
During the public consultation process, on the 28th and the 29th March 2016, Atriga Consult organised a two day national conference wherein various stakeholders and experts, who were engaged in discussing the policy issues, actively participated throughout the proceedings ending up with the drafting of pertinent SWOT analysis on each issue. All this pre-empted apposite recommendations aimed at eventual inclusion in respective policy measures.
Experts selected by Atriga Consult are currently drafting the Agricultural Policy placing major emphasis on key policy objectives including food presentation, labelling and traceability, consolidation of land holdings, sustainability of water and key resources, competitiveness and diversification, adaptation to and mitigation of geo-climatic conditions, and research and development.