Why Us?

Atriga Consult is a reliable, committed and accountable consultancy firm that promotes a culture of collaboration with its strategic professional partners as well as its ultimate clients always with the scope of adding value to businesses and non commercial initiatives.  

We firmly believe in loyally embracing challenges in order to deliver business opportunities to our clients' doorstep.  In practicing this philosophy, Atriga Consult is firmly set on always reaching the highest quality standards in management consultancy aiming at exceeding client satisfaction levels by following its corporate slogan.

Whether your business or operational initiative is yet an idea or has been established for decades, we offer a wide range of services which can set you apart from and ahead of the competition to ensure long-term success. 

A considerable amount of years’ experience also mean that we have not only dealt with varying types and sizes of private business organisations, public service agencies and non-profitable entities but also with businesses that operate in different sectors and industries, such as in

  • tourism
  • agriculture
  • research and innovation
  • culture
  • education
  • media
  • marketing
  • ecology 

In addition, the projects undertaken by Atriga Consult in all the different industries were executed at an international level and for this reason we are also able to offer:

  • experience of European business culture
  • understanding of EU matters and expertise in EU Funding (to date the firm has managed to attain over €1.8 million in funding for client projects and has been rewarded ‘Best Practice Award’)
  • direct experience in international marketing and events held, inter alia, in Cologne, Paris, Milan, Parma, Lisbon, Barcelona, Padova, Hannover, London and Birmingham
  • knowledge of worldwide economic development.

Moreover, our acclaimed professionals keep abreast of today's fast-paced advancements and are keen to share their up-to-date expert knowledge in order to meet your business objectives.  We ensure that our team merges with your corporate culture and hones in on your business or organisational needs whilst focusing on increasing cost savings and increasing net return on capital employed. 

We guarantee to deliver innovative solutions and promise results.