Our Services

Atriga Consulting Services Ltd, founded in 2010, is a leading consultancy firm offering various top-rated business related services. The firm - which can boast of a team of leading individuals who are both academically qualified as well as professionally highly experienced and well trained to provide tailor-made solutions - offers quality consulting services that make it possible for clients to continuously ameliorate their value, efficiency and productivity becoming a pivotal trusted partner in the process.
Atriga Consult (the way the firm is branded) is a reliable, committed and accountable consultancy firm that promotes a culture of collaboration with its strategic professional partners as well as its ultimate clients, always with the scope of adding value to businesses and other non-commercial initiatives. The firm believes in embracing challenges in a reliable manner in order to be in a position to deliver business opportunities to its clients. In practicing this philosophy, Atriga Consult is set on always reaching the highest quality standards in management consultancy aiming at exceeding client satisfaction levels.
The wide range of services offered by Atriga Consult is aimed at a varied spectrum of private business organisations, public service agencies, local councils and non-profitable entities, as well as, other businesses that operate in different sectors and industries, such as in agriculture, culture, education, environment, marketing, media, research and innovation, tourism and transport. In addition, the projects undertaken by Atriga Consult in all the different industries referred to earlier, have been and are constantly carried out at a standard level which is regularly highly commended by the myriad of international direct or indirect clients and contacts.
The consultancy base of the firm is professionally geared and adequately trained to be able to offer various services highlighting its vast (a) knowledge of European business culture, (b) understanding of EU matters in general and EU funding in particular, (c) experience in international marketing events and (d) knowledge of worldwide economic business development.