SBK Corporate Services

Malta's stable economy and safe socio-political scene may signify new and improved business opportunities for your company.  For copious reasons, including its strategic location, Malta has proved to be a solid foreign investment hub for world renowned businesses and with its low entry capital requirements, it is seeing increasing number of interested investors. 

SBK Corporate Services oversees all entry requirements and facilitate transition for foreign clients that wish to set up their business in Malta.  With our multi-dimensional support, your business will benefit from:

  • Company Incorporation - Our professional team facilitates the official formation of your business in Malta.  The team will handle all licensing and regulatory requirements for entry and formation through liaison with the relevant local entities regulating companies and partnerships.  SBK Corporate Services ensures that documentation is in compliance with local regulatory requirements thereby expediting the provision of a valid Certificate of Registration 
  • Business Advisory Services - The team also assesses your current business situation and develops a corporate strategy that capitalises on the local quality workforce and consumer market.  With our thorough assessment, we are able to produce an effective change management plan, facilitate restructuring and hone in on cost reduction and control, even improve or eliminate unprofitable business units, divisions or product lines as a result
  • Corporate Profiling - This refers to the process undertaken in order to deliver an in-depth blueprint of the organisational structure, its human resources, its technology, its processes, up-stream and down-stream customers and all relationships that exist.  SBK Corporate Services will offer to help clients set up their own corporate profile, including the history of the business and the partners involved