Agribusiness Consultancy

The firm offers a range of consultancy services to agribusiness setups ranging from farmers, livestock breeders and farm entrepreneurs. Over the last few years, Atriga Consult’s input in the Maltese agribusiness sector has been highly significant, boasting, amongst other things, the drafting of the National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018-2028 as well as having provided services to a growing clientele from this dynamic sector.

Atriga Consult offers a range of high level services to the agribusiness community, including:

  • Drafting of operational plans and strategies
  • Drafting of business plans and cost-benefit analysis
  • Drafting of applications for EU-funded projects and securing EU funding (RDP 2014-2020, Horizon 2020, LIFE projects, etc)
  • Provision of project management services including EU funded projects
  • Carrying out environmental research, planning and reporting
  • Marketing planning and general advise and research
  • Advice on innovation management
  • Assistance with the development of niche markets
  • Event management (e.g. seminars, exhibitions, courses, product launches, and so forth)
  • Developing educational activities (including courses at various levels including online, training and mentoring)
  • Assistance on agribusiness operational setup, necessary restructuring and possible diversification initiatives including embarking on new projects
  • Rural development advice and related technical assistance
  • Internationalisation (including franchising, Mediterranean projects, etc.)

AtrigaConsult’s team of agricultural experts are well-versed and trained to provide assistance to its ever growing sectoral client base ranging from the production level up to the provision of business direction to farmers and farm entrepreneurs. These consultants offer assistance in the establishment of contacts, matching of services available with concurrent customer requests, development of new products and tapping of innovative niche sectors.