Strategy Development and Business Planning

Achieving maximum business potential is underpinned by strategic and business planning which aims at assisting clients making efficient use of resources with the scope of reaching a long-term business objective that will generate desired results.

Atriga Consult endeavours to help businesses establish the direction they want their business to take whilst

  • configuring the availability and/or requirement of resources
  • identifying target markets
  • discovering their unique offer
  • keeping abreast of external threats to growth

For leading business and strategy planning, Atriga Consult offers to: 

  • assess current business purpose
  • assess current operations
  • assess availability of current resources
  • address deficits of current resources
  • analyse market business operates in
  • position company within industry
  • assess other potential market/s
  • identify client’s unique selling proposition 
  • set out long-term goals through a business plan
  • develop sales strategy
  • advise about new operational requirements
  • prepare marketing plan
  • define the focus of the business mission
  • assist in the process of restructuring
  • apply process reengineering to identify and reach benchmarked industry best practices
  • identify most profitable target markets
  • forecast growth
  • produce recommendable actions
  • track, monitor and control business performance