International Business Development

At Atriga Consult we recognise that today's businesses are taking to the world stage in order to boost their competitive edge and reap the benefits that expansion brings.  Our consultation services specialise in assessing strategies that lay the path for your enterprise to be able to engage in global opportunities.  We are here to help you identify the benefits of developing a business in the international arena and how to overcome its challenges.

When these are identified, our team of experts and our strategic partners will ensure that your international business needs are covered. 

Our wide range of services includes, but is not limited to: 


We will identify marketing and distribution channels in the country of your business choice; we delve deep into analysis and offer anything from research on products to raw material to HR issues.  We are also experts at product and marketing pilot studies and can also carry out an in-depth competition assessment which will better determine your position in the global market.


We have extensive experience in overseas fairs, product development, product positioning, distribution and logistics, attending to pricing issues and designing promotional campaigns. 

We are also able to use our supreme negotiation skills to acquire the best deal for you.

Partner Support

We conduct strategic partner searches specifically for your business, offer travel support and international meetings support including agency appointments and other general administration services such as order documentation processing and translation services.


We offer guidance in international sales and sales contracts negotiation; we create efficient sales opportunities and coach sales teams.  We design global key account strategies to maximize your revenues and develop global sales plans as part of your corporate strategy.


International business development brings with it complexities of legal requirements.  Through its associated commercial links Atriga Consult will endeavour to provide legal and technical advice, handle all documentation and also advise on legal aspects for trading.