Innovation Management

The essence of innovation is discovery and, through high profile strategic alliances, Atriga Consult specialises at exploring opportunities to excel in identifying solutions.   We have the key to develop better understanding of an issue your business is currently or potentially facing and we help you envision innovative possibilities to solve it.  We guarantee that our consultancy services are synonymous with creative contributions to your business's success.

Our consultants have fresh yet specific problem-solving abilities and possess vast experience in Innovation Management and Research and Development techniques.   Our high quality support will enable authorities, agencies, innovation centres, industrial companies, and research organisations manage Research and Technology Development (RTD) and Innovation projects, exploit R&D and academic research results and transfer technology. 

Together with the firm’s collaborators Atriga Consult and its strategic partners are able to also support your business with:

  • evaluating and implementing programmes or projects regarding Innovation and R&D
  • advice on financing and funding schemes granting financial assistance for innovation activities (including EU Funding)
  • undertaking complex research exercises, including Performance of Studies and Benchmarking Analysis
  • producing accompanying reports about innovation and its policies and supporting programmes to RTD projects
  • conducting technological and marketing assessments for the launch of new technologies and their commercial exploitation
  • providing specialised training in the areas of innovation management, benchmarking, technology transfer, funding schemes, marketing and communication