HR Management

The welfare of your staff is crucial to the healthy growth of your business.  However, effective management of a diverse team is not always as straightforward as managing other areas of the business.  Added to that, change in work methods brought on by advancement in technology give rise to the requirement of different or new skills which may leave you questioning whether the current set of skills available to you are contributing to your business needs and future goals. 

Atriga Consult offers to help you manage the complexities of human resource management by identifying main areas of concern and devising a strategy thereafter to address any HR issues that are present whilst ensuring compliance with legislation. 

We offer to help you identify the affects your current workforce has on productivity and whether the current HR policies and practices need changing.    

Moreover, our tailor-made solutions enable us to tackle HR issues that not only the business in general is experiencing, but also concerns that the workforce may have on an individual basis such as: 

  • career development
  • career coaching
  • training and development
  • performance reviews