Request for Quotations for Technical Expertise and Technology for the Sustainable Management of Livestock Manure and Slurry

April 2nd 2018

Atriga Consulting Services Ltd is requesting quotations from third parties for the provision of technical expertise and technology to carry out a study on the sustainable management of livestock manure and slurry within a circular economy context in the Maltese Islands.

This request for quotations is being published to engage qualified subcontractors who can supply technical expertise and the necessary technology in line with the ‘Scheme for the Provision of Proposals aimed at a Holistic Approach to the Sustainable Management of Livestock Manure and Slurry within a Circular Economy Context – 2018’ issued by the Malta Council for Science and Technology. 

Potential bidders should note that the Request for Quotations is ONLY valid if sent/received by email. Responses /submissions of quotations in response to the present request shall likewise be only valid if submitted within 16th April 2018 at 12:00 (CET), by email on both and