Rural Development Projects

Atriga Consult has been consolidating its environment and agribusiness services offerings through the investment of experts who provide the client with the necessary knowledge, skills and business and operational acumen enabling the latter to be up to the various challenges in rural areas which emanate from time to time. The firm can boast of a team of agribusiness experts who can offer peace of mind to any investor who ventures on a rural development project. As a matter of fact, Atriga Consult was entrusted with the formulation and delivery of the National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018-2028.  A thorough research and sector analysis ensued involving all the pertinent stakeholders on the islands.

A large number of farmers, livestock breeders and agribusiness companies engaged the services of the firm for the latter to assist them with the management of rural development projects including, amongst other things, general thematic research, applications for EU funds, business planning, liaison with pertinent authorities, project management services and reporting for planning purposes.

Also, Atriga Consult has been assisting other entities with the (a) submission of funding applications for environmental projects and (b) management of such projects once these would have been successful.