At Atriga Consult we offer expert consultancy to potential and existent franchisors and franchisees.  We examine the potential benefits of forming part of a larger organisation and all the requirements for putting one system in place in the country or countries which we would consider to be a highly regarded solution to satisfy your needs. 

Our offer covers all aspects of research, marketing, business, HR as well as legal requirements.  Specifically, we can help you with:

  • developing a detailed business and financial model including business set-up procedures, IT systems, recording and reporting systems and territory planning
  • conducting initial pilot launches, independent audits and satisfaction surveys
  • devising a franchisee business plan, manuals and fee structuring reports
  • providing franchisee training and also support for franchise staff, including recruiting and training requirements
  • briefing legal advisors to develop a Franchise Agreement and handling all legal documentation and bank arrangements
  • preparing and implementing a Marketing Plan ensuring that adequate marketing mediums are used throughout to market the franchise message