Project Management

Large or small, any organisation that is taking on a new project has to plan, organise and manage all the resources available and attainable to the business in an efficient and effective manner to reap desired results.  Bridging the gap closer between the complexities of aligning resources and the successful outcome of a project relies on the employment of sound project management. 

Project management is a layout of easy-to-follow paths that lead to achievable yet rewarding business results. Together with its strategic partners, Atriga Consult approaches each project with a flexible yet accountable layout that draws out all the necessary requirements for, effectively, executing a project until completion. The high level of organisation that we carry out our entrusted projects with has allowed us to discover smarter directions to take. This means that we offer innovative foundations and solutions throughout a project's lifecycle from our style of project co-ordinating to the type of technological project management tools we introduce into a business. 

We strive to provide quality project management incorporating structured methodologies which alert of potential risks and oversee that every project is complete within set timeframes and under budget.

Our aim is to guarantee project deliverables that give value to a business through leading project management techniques.  We reach our aim by providing a top-rated and complete project management package which includes:

  • Complete project co-ordination
  • Resource planning, organisation and management
  • Scope management
  • Time management
  • HR management
  • Quality management
  • Cost management
  • Logistics management
  • Risk management
  • Integration management
  • Communication management

A typical example of Atriga Consult’s project management expertise may be seen at ‘Nenu The Artisan Baker’