Events Management

‘Events’ are an essential marketing tool.  They can create corporate awareness, attract your target market closer and retain loyal clientele for the long-term.  They offer what technology has not yet been able to replace - meeting people.  Even though they may seem logistically and financially daunting, ‘events’ are memorable and leave a much longer lasting impression than a mail shot or a billboard ever could.

Atriga Consult firmly believes in the importance of ‘events’ and has successfully planned and managed a variety of ‘events’ including:

  • press launches
  • sport events
  • sales meetings
  • fundraising events
  • fair participation
  • conferences
  • exhibitions

In every ‘event’, Atriga Consult ensures that proper planning is executed by an underlying exclusivity to detailing with a keen eye on budgeting plans, appropriate choice of venue or dates, any permit requirements, theme development, transport coordination down to concluding thank you letters.  Our offer is to support your team and to effectively delegate co-ordination to maximise your rate of return.