Sales Management

Sales Management is an evolving phenomenon from the way we deal with customers and clients to the products we sell and in which way.  From the industrial revolution era where Sales Managers possessed all product knowledge and succeeded in selling to the mass market, we are now experiencing a networking era where customers have easy access to product knowledge and are able to challenge sales efforts.  Whilst the end-result of effective sales management is still measured by the profit generated, sales management is no longer about ensuring your sales team closing a sale but more about recognising and unleashing each individual's potential to keep an account.  

Atriga Consult has a proven course of action that puts business on the right path to building a competent sales team and achieving demanding sales objectives.  We guarantee to provide an initial evaluation which provides insight on the current sales operations of your business and, following a kick-off session, we will be able to determine the type of consulting and coaching that is necessary to ensure better sales results. 

A list of sales management services offered by Atriga Consult include:

  • Sales Training Programmes and Coaching 
  • Sales Planning
  • Accessing Global Markets