Would you like to export beyond Maltese shores? Are you considering giving your firm an international dimension? Do you wish to participate in business promotion fairs abroad? Do you wish to strengthen your international presence? Do you know that there is the possibility of tapping into EU funds to help you do so? Yes... but are you aware of the challenges of applying for EU funds or managing EU funded projects?

ATRIGA CONSULT can help...

The SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme[1] offers the possibility of a grant of up to €10,000 to help internationalize your products or services, where the grant would be equal to 50% of your eligible expenditure.

The scheme is open for SMEs and provides funding for marketing efforts in other countries, in particular by assisting participation in International Business Promotion Fairs to help networking and overcome barriers to enter the targeted foreign market.

Assistance is available to actively participate in International Business Promotion Fairs, by covering part of the costs required to set-up and run a stand to exhibit your products or services, by covering a number of costs items including travel costs and per diem for up to 2 employees/directors of the Enterprise up to fixed thresholds, the design and printing of branding material, and the shipment of exhibits​.

ATRIGA CONSULT can help you formulate your project proposal as well as manage the application process and/or the management of your project.  Please contact us …

[1]The Scheme is managed by Measures and Support Division within the Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto as part of its Business Enhance programme.